Coffee, Crepes & More

There's a new cafe in town.

Welcome to Daily Grind, the newest coffee shop and creperie on this end of the Triangle! We are a family owned cafe with our roots beginning in the catering business. Our two cafes are conveniently located in Morrisville & Cary.

We believe a healthy life style shouldn’t have to be a challenge, so why make it one? Breakfast and Lunch are served all day, and made from quality ingredients such as Boar's Head meats, fresh seasonal fruits & veggies.

All of our coffee beans are roasted locally by Stockton & Graham. We are extremely passionate about our coffee and would love to share it with you. Our baristas have years of experience crafting espresso drinks. Whether you prefer Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Mocha Frappes, or the good ol' classic cappuccino, we would be more than happy to whip one or three up for you!


Crepes are one of our specialties. We offer many different varieties such as the sweet Black & White or the savory California Style!

Our Crepe Menu

Breakfast & Lunch


What is a cromelet you ask? Quite simply, a cromelet is an omelet folded into the shape of a crepe! Crepes are known for being filled & stuffed with a variety of ingredients, so why not use the same concept for omelets? With each bite you'll be able to enjoy an array of rich flavors that will surely start your day off with a smile.

Our Cromelet Menu

Your Cafe

This isn't just our coffee shop, it's your coffee shop as well. We would love for you to join our community of good friends!

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your food and drinks. My drinks are always perfect (which can't always be said for a certain coffee shop thats on every corner) and your crepes are amazing! Just took my friend there and the look on his face when he bit into his morning glory was hilarious in that I think you officially blew his mind. So if you could stay forever in your Morrisville location I would be eternally grateful."

- Sarah V.

"Delicious, fresh, and always fast (I order to go and pick up)! I've had their breakfast wrap, burger, and greek wrap...all tasty."

"Fantastic service and great selection of coffee and now a new menu. The owner is kind and aim to please all customers. Relaxed enviroment and not too much noise. Indoor and outdoor seating is perfect for a sunny day."